If you think about it… Moon is so beautiful right? It’s just something about the moon that feels ethereal. Its just constant it life. You can’t always see it, but you have to trust that its always out there waiting to shine bright at the dark times. As, when you finally see it, Moon is the brightest in the sky and overcomes all the darkness. I guess it’s just a reminder that there is goodness out there even though we can’t see it. There is humanity,love,kindness out there even if we can’t see it!

Everyone is a whole new person in themselves. But we seem to hate anyone who doesn’t have the same thoughts as us. Whether it be discrimination or difference between the “Nerd” and “Queen-bee” in a school. In every small aspect of life we see such things but where am most perplexed is-
In this world where we could hug,we could smile and greet we chose not to love but to hate?

But still, apart from these discriminations we still have a few people who always understand us right? Advice us,listen to us and that becomes a family. Whether a family we were gifted or the family we chose it is always beautiful! And that is the goodness in this harsh world. The moon!
As the full moon finds its place in the darkest of skies, love will uplift.

But just imagine… What if all of us accepted each other? Just what if we learned to love each other for who we are! There won’t be any quarrels, any battles, no violence just a big happy family!

But, who am I kidding! We are humans… We choose to hate above love!
Now am gonna quote this again Do you think god regret?

But still imagine that chimerical world were everyone are best friends. People understand each others confessions and appreciate them or where we don’t need to pretend and be scared of people acceptance.

Well its just too good to be true right…
A place where its no nerds and no queen-bee; no whites and no blacks…

A girl can only dream right?

I dream to wake up to a day and i will,
When I’ll be more than a hashtag or a social media drill.
With a smile for a smile and a heart for a heart
Evolution of the new mankind will start-
No shapes
No sizes
No colours
No faiths
No wars
No judgements
No guns
No hate
Β  – Prajakta Koli

The night sky is always adored by millions of stars but just a single moon out stand all of it! When you are looking at the sky out there somewhere someone miles away is looking at the same moon as you, regardless of knowing their gender,their intelligence, their shape or colour we enjoy the feeling of “Not being alone” but how about? Accept them with eyes open? It won’t hurt anyone to just open our minds a little more to the world to spread love…

THE LUNA the exquisite bright in the nights which lighten up the darkest time… A little goodness a little  unprejudiced thoughts is what Moon taught me…


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A blog on The Luna penned by Kunakshi Kapoor:)

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A rant of a teenager

A rant of a teenager

You are never gonna heal if you keep pretending you are not hurt

Traumas, Pain, Grief, Void…
Insecurities on peak…
Guards up high in sky and fear of trusting and losing…

We all have our different stories, different emotions, different feelings and all of us have lost something which have changed us in a way we can never turn back.

And whereas me; well, am on the “Newly teenager phase” but trust me… Sometimes we just not feel good, not physically but mentally. We just feel like yelling,crying or talking to someone, we just feel like having a hug or having attention. But, do you know? Even thunderstorms show us that nature needs to screams sometimes.

But, unfortunately we can’t do anything about this feeling. Teenage anxieties are actually something which usually everyone goes through during the adolescent years. Nonetheless all of us have our different insecurities.  On the other hand, anxiety isn’t something that goes away; it is something you learn to control.

You are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. It doesn’t mean you are defective – it just means you are a human

All of us have good days and bad days but that doesn’t mean that when you have a worst day or you committed a blunder or you don’t feel emotionally strong makes you weak. You are just a human being going through a bad episode.

Just take a deep breathe,It’s a bad day not a bad life.

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who aren’t trying.”

Sometimes we just want to escape from the reality, right? But actually we want to be found.

Life is not all unicorns and rainbows which Disney movies show… Neither it is always jolly. It has obstacles but what you have to learn is how to climb them. What you have to understand is that every bump in life is gonna help you grow and every single Fear will get overcome. After all F.E.A.R has two meanings Forget everything and run or Face everything and rise thus, the choice is yours.

You will overcome this one day, darkness will daunt you until the wit of belief sparkles. Let the light reach your heart and let the gloom surrender itself and when it happens days will beam and life will recite itself by- I knew you were gonna be happy that’s why I made you strong first, look back now at the mountains you climbed ;BE PROUD for not giving up and fighting all the battles, Pat yourself for achieving what you deserved

Just concentrate on becoming the better version of you and finding the spark and thus, this too shall pass

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Father’s Day πŸ’™

Happy Father’s day

Through the mountains,sea or land
Am still wandering…
In search of a comprehensive hand.
Through such horrible years,
You never said am tired or leaving.
You were standing behind my back during times of needing.

“Walk a little slower papa”
Said my soul 3 year small
“I am following your footsteps and I don’t wanna fall
I can’t say where I was heading,
With my father’s love and morals
Walking as a fence for me, and was leading.

For those morals am standing here tall,
Thankyou papa for making me the person I am,
And being prominent in my downfalls.

You are always my first person…
So Thank you, for
Listening and caring
For giving and sharing
For correcting and scolding
For teaching and understanding.
But most importantly
For being with me Forever.

A very happy father’s day to all of you… A small poem on this auspicious day written by me a.k.a Kunakshi Kapoor. Thankyou for reading…

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Environment Day

This morning and everyday,

I am indebted

For the graceful moonlight and sunrays,

Thus, for the sunrise and sunset.

For the greens of the trees;

The fauna and floras

And the beautiful blues of the seas.

I am grateful for the wholly erect

The streets and edifice we’ve built.

The love we’ve bloomed in the wind

That binds us and the nature in such a way,

That makes me to compel a promise

To celebrate Environment Day

Every single day.πŸ’™

Thank you for giving your time and reading this post and a very happy environment day…

A poem on “Environment Day” written by Kunakshi Kapoor :))
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Does god regret?

Hello dear readers, today am here with a question which is surrounding my head from a long time…
Does God Regret?

God,almighty, the creator…
He created this world…
He then created us…
And thus, gave us the responsibility of the world, but what did we do?

We, humans took everything for granted. We could not give this planet what it needed just kept dying in our own miseries or kept discriminating.

A small reality check for everyone

Let’s take today’s Palestine as an example…
And think it in such point of view…

No country in this world was giving residence to Jewish people. But during those times, Palestine opened their doors for them, accepted them and believed them enough to let them live in Palestine as refugees. But now, they are killing Palestinians and claiming Palestine as there own and killing innocent people and declaring this a war!

A WAR is declared only when both the side people have army, and this case is completely contrary.

People are getting kicked out from their own house.  Jews(Israel) bombing Al Aqsa mosque in Palestine when people were praying in peace and invaded the mosque!


And this is not new, Israel have been fighting Palestine for about 60 years now, using advanced weapons and America’s financial aid against a country that has no army,no weapons,no central government…

When will this torture stop?!
Why are people even trying to eject people from their own motherland??!

And yes, this is not about cast or race! This is about humanity…

Israelis and Palestinians are NOT fighting over religion. Israelis are the oppressors and Palestinians are oppressed and the situation is anything but religion.

And nowadays reading such news this word “HUMANITY” feels so foreign…

And this is just one example… There are many others stories
Now tell me…
Does god regret?
Hell yes!!

For a second just imagine;
A world without bees and animals would be a world without trees.
A world without trees would be a world with pollution.
And now a world without humans would be a world with nature and fascinating beauty.
And “What a beautiful world it would be”

Thus, We as human have not given this world anything we have just taken it for granted and misused everything this world gave us!
And in return we just fought with each other and ruined all beautiful things of nature!

Now tell me,

Hell yes!!
Every day, every hour,every minute and every second!
We disappointed our God… The one whom we worship we let him down…

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A blog post by- Kunakshi Kapoor :))

A Filmi Life

Life is just like a movie, made up of different genres with you as a lead role… The whole movie resolves around you and it is all depended on you!
You are the only one to direct it,write it and produce it. You are the only one to select the crew.

It has a lots of plot twist, few devastating, few horrific, and few game turners but still all movies have a happy ending, which too depends on you. Thus, your destiny and fate depends on you too!

All movies are different same way all lives are different… There is no comparison between people because all lead a different path. Also, if your life is messed up and is filled up with negativity find a way to happiness aswell, we don’t want our movie to all be intense do we?

Life can be a bit of a havoc and a bit confusing but still, you can always find a way to fix things as it is quoted “ALL BROKEN AND MESSED UP THINGS CAN BE FIXED”

Fill your film with songs,fun and the one which is favorable to you. As there are different opinions for a film by different critics there are different people with opinions as well which will mock and question you about your life but the question is “Why do you care?” It is your life and it depends completely on you how to lead it. Also, Try to be original not perfect.

And now the other part of the movie which is important as well, which is a “Villain”. The villain in our people are the ones who are toxic. And they are very important as well. They teach us lessons and help us to stand back again. They make us strong and is very important for us to kick them out at a moment too… As a Villain always loose at the end same way, Toxic people in our lives get out at a time too…

And when we talk about Toxic people then Relationships are linked up with them very easily too. Relationships have a great impact on our lives too, they are very important for us. Love relationship, friend relationship, family one or obsession one for a few things, All are important. They don’t let us feel alone, they sometimes even help us to escape our sadness.
Relationships are not always with people but also with songs,things,movies or even some people who doesn’t even know you exist [Famous celebrities].

As it is quoted too-
People can never be perfect but relationships can.
Thus, try to make real relationships with people and keep them forever, few will eventually break but few will always be with you.

Now, we are at a conclusion that Movies are very relatable to our lives thus all lives are Filmi which leads to…

A Filmi life
For everyone
A life which is best for us and our favourite. Enjoy the beautiful movie of life everyday and stay connected to it.

PS. A very happy April Fools day to all of you…

Thank you so much for reading this post… Written by me a.k.a Kunakshi Kapoor! Please do hit the like button and comment your feedbacks… :)))

I hope you enjoyed β™₯


Dear Zindagi… And its choices… (Dear life… And its choices…)

In a life… We get many opportunities few extremely difficult, few easy ones. And sometimes we have to make a choice between the two. And in these two choices the difficult one is always a better one as it has a better result and even before choosing between the two we can see the result popping in the difficult one but only if we suffer.

Suffer is a huge word. A word which can bring our life upside down. A word which also means to punish our own self but a little harm to ourselves to get a better result would not matter, right?
The answer to this is a big NO! It does matter

Sometimes choosing the easy option is better especially when we are not ready to suffer! We’ve to climb the mt. Everest one day or other but only when we are ready. The easy option is also not so smooth it will take time but it will make you strong and give you time and make you ready to face the difficult choices.

Sometimes we think it’s important to punish ourselves and make ourselves suffer. But why? If we are ready and strong then there will be no suffering but till you become that person choose the easy paths in life… It will make you fall and be wrong in front of the society, Yes! But, who cares? Who cares until you think its right for you and you’re honest to yourself and the decision you’ve made will make you strong! When you start understanding,loving and respecting your own opinions and decisions who cares for the society?

Always remember:
A genius is not the one who have answers to all questions… A genius is the one who have patience to reach to the correct solutions in life
In the choices between difficult and easy options first figure out the right one then take your decision! Because hard work is in both but suffering is in one. Whether mental,physical or emotional… Suffering always bring harm to a person.

Don’t get hard on yourself ever! Learn to love yourself first! You’ll have many choices to make in life but first decide the best for present not for future!
First, learn to be right for present then think about future benefits!
Stop making plans by saying “If I take this decision it will be beneficial for my 50’s and 60’s”
My friend, who said you’ll be alive till then? No one can predict the future… So just live your present first and be beneficial for your present first! Think about the future in the future itself!

You are your own teacher in the school of life! You’ve the control on your own steering wheel of life… So at last you are the Queen/King of your own life! So rule it and kill it! And don’t ever loose touch with your “DEAR ZINDAGI” (dear life)

Thank you so much for reading this post… Written by me a.k.a Kunakshi Kapoor! Please do hit the like button and comment your feedbacks… :)))

Hope you guys like it!

Only wait…

A new day,A new beginning

But still the same thoughts are wandering…

My mind doesn’t find peace or rest;

The emotion inside me are still imprisoned,

Assuming its for the best!

I don’t know how to say..?

But everyday I just push stuff away.

Am paused in the past

Going through all those miseries over and over again,

Feeling alone in a darkroom without a light of faith.

No Courage! No hope!

Thus, left with only wait

Thank you for giving your time and reading this… Also am soo sorry for not being active as I was super busy in my exams… But, am back and soon will come back with a blog!

A poem on “Only wait” written by Kunakshi Kapoor :))
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Letter to 2021

Dear 2021,

Today is your first day in this world and everyone is looking forward for you to come with happiness in our lives. Hello 2021! Am writing this letter for you to know that today we are gonna start a new journey and each day of you is going to be a new page in our 365 pageΒ  book.Β 

You have came in our lives with a lot of hopes as the last year has been exhausting… Millions of people suffered last year and thousands of people are yet waiting for a helping hand… 2020 was a dark year and we assume you as a ray of sunshine in our past dark days…Β  Well, its possible that 2020 was just a warning for the more horrible days to come but, the whole world looks forward to you!

Everyone is aware that we are still gonna face some of the same problems… But still as its said
There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise orΒ hope.

So, 2021 at last everyone just wanna request you that please be nice to us this time and please help the suffering…

Yours hopefully,
Kunakshi Kapoor

I wish everyone a very happy new year… I hope that you liked this post! Would love to know your reviews in the comment section below… And Thank you for reading πŸ™‚

Penned by- Kunakshi Kapoor
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