A Filmi Life

Life is just like a movie, made up of different genres with you as a lead role… The whole movie resolves around you and it is all depended on you!
You are the only one to direct it,write it and produce it. You are the only one to select the crew.

It has a lots of plot twist, few devastating, few horrific, and few game turners but still all movies have a happy ending, which too depends on you. Thus, your destiny and fate depends on you too!

All movies are different same way all lives are different… There is no comparison between people because all lead a different path. Also, if your life is messed up and is filled up with negativity find a way to happiness aswell, we don’t want our movie to all be intense do we?

Life can be a bit of a havoc and a bit confusing but still, you can always find a way to fix things as it is quoted “ALL BROKEN AND MESSED UP THINGS CAN BE FIXED”

Fill your film with songs,fun and the one which is favorable to you. As there are different opinions for a film by different critics there are different people with opinions as well which will mock and question you about your life but the question is “Why do you care?” It is your life and it depends completely on you how to lead it. Also, Try to be original not perfect.

And now the other part of the movie which is important as well, which is a “Villain”. The villain in our people are the ones who are toxic. And they are very important as well. They teach us lessons and help us to stand back again. They make us strong and is very important for us to kick them out at a moment too… As a Villain always loose at the end same way, Toxic people in our lives get out at a time too…

And when we talk about Toxic people then Relationships are linked up with them very easily too. Relationships have a great impact on our lives too, they are very important for us. Love relationship, friend relationship, family one or obsession one for a few things, All are important. They don’t let us feel alone, they sometimes even help us to escape our sadness.
Relationships are not always with people but also with songs,things,movies or even some people who doesn’t even know you exist [Famous celebrities].

As it is quoted too-
People can never be perfect but relationships can.
Thus, try to make real relationships with people and keep them forever, few will eventually break but few will always be with you.

Now, we are at a conclusion that Movies are very relatable to our lives thus all lives are Filmi which leads to…

A Filmi life
For everyone
A life which is best for us and our favourite. Enjoy the beautiful movie of life everyday and stay connected to it.

PS. A very happy April Fools day to all of you…

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Dear Zindagi… And its choices… (Dear life… And its choices…)

In a life… We get many opportunities few extremely difficult, few easy ones. And sometimes we have to make a choice between the two. And in these two choices the difficult one is always a better one as it has a better result and even before choosing between the two we can see the result popping in the difficult one but only if we suffer.

Suffer is a huge word. A word which can bring our life upside down. A word which also means to punish our own self but a little harm to ourselves to get a better result would not matter, right?
The answer to this is a big NO! It does matter

Sometimes choosing the easy option is better especially when we are not ready to suffer! We’ve to climb the mt. Everest one day or other but only when we are ready. The easy option is also not so smooth it will take time but it will make you strong and give you time and make you ready to face the difficult choices.

Sometimes we think it’s important to punish ourselves and make ourselves suffer. But why? If we are ready and strong then there will be no suffering but till you become that person choose the easy paths in life… It will make you fall and be wrong in front of the society, Yes! But, who cares? Who cares until you think its right for you and you’re honest to yourself and the decision you’ve made will make you strong! When you start understanding,loving and respecting your own opinions and decisions who cares for the society?

Always remember:
A genius is not the one who have answers to all questions… A genius is the one who have patience to reach to the correct solutions in life
In the choices between difficult and easy options first figure out the right one then take your decision! Because hard work is in both but suffering is in one. Whether mental,physical or emotional… Suffering always bring harm to a person.

Don’t get hard on yourself ever! Learn to love yourself first! You’ll have many choices to make in life but first decide the best for present not for future!
First, learn to be right for present then think about future benefits!
Stop making plans by saying “If I take this decision it will be beneficial for my 50’s and 60’s”
My friend, who said you’ll be alive till then? No one can predict the future… So just live your present first and be beneficial for your present first! Think about the future in the future itself!

You are your own teacher in the school of life! You’ve the control on your own steering wheel of life… So at last you are the Queen/King of your own life! So rule it and kill it! And don’t ever loose touch with your “DEAR ZINDAGI” (dear life)

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Only wait…

A new day,A new beginning

But still the same thoughts are wandering…

My mind doesn’t find peace or rest;

The emotion inside me are still imprisoned,

Assuming its for the best!

I don’t know how to say..?

But everyday I just push stuff away.

Am paused in the past

Going through all those miseries over and over again,

Feeling alone in a darkroom without a light of faith.

No Courage! No hope!

Thus, left with only wait

Thank you for giving your time and reading this… Also am soo sorry for not being active as I was super busy in my exams… But, am back and soon will come back with a blog!

A poem on “Only wait” written by Kunakshi Kapoor :))
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Letter to 2021

Dear 2021,

Today is your first day in this world and everyone is looking forward for you to come with happiness in our lives. Hello 2021! Am writing this letter for you to know that today we are gonna start a new journey and each day of you is going to be a new page in our 365 page  book. 

You have came in our lives with a lot of hopes as the last year has been exhausting… Millions of people suffered last year and thousands of people are yet waiting for a helping hand… 2020 was a dark year and we assume you as a ray of sunshine in our past dark days…  Well, its possible that 2020 was just a warning for the more horrible days to come but, the whole world looks forward to you!

Everyone is aware that we are still gonna face some of the same problems… But still as its said
There was never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.

So, 2021 at last everyone just wanna request you that please be nice to us this time and please help the suffering…

Yours hopefully,
Kunakshi Kapoor

I wish everyone a very happy new year… I hope that you liked this post! Would love to know your reviews in the comment section below… And Thank you for reading 🙂

Penned by- Kunakshi Kapoor

The Memez Tag

Hello lovely readers! Am Kunakshi Kapoor… The writer of the Penned soul. Today am here to entertain you guys by making you giggle and laugh with some funny memes!

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A post on the Penned soul by the budding blogger Kunakshi Kapoor.

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Take these Polls

Hello lovely readers, am Kunakshi Kapoor; the writer of The Penned Soul. Today am here with something extremely different. As, am here to take your polls for The Penned Soul. These polls will help me improve the site and make it more entertaining for you.

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A post on The Penned Soul by a budding blogger Kunakshi Kapoor

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Self Love❤

In this whole world…..In this whole planet…..In this whole country
There is one “YOU”….Which is the most important for the Inside You

Now, leaving all those perplexed complication of organs,neurons and that science stuff…There is something inside you which is Very Confusing as well… Till you don’t try to understand it!!

There is your CONSCIOUSNESS , PASSION , LOVE And much more……

Sometimes, its too difficult to find your inner soul; You get lost in those intricate judgments of society.
And it is a fact!
That mostly all psychological problems related to yourself are occurred due to society!
(Well,that’s a different theme and will get to that later)

Finding your inner self means being more aware of the person who you are, and accepting your feelings, thoughts, personality, goals, and dreams. And thus, forget about getting judged and getting hurt by those tangled jeers.
And for sure that it is a lot difficult… But pretending in front of others that you don’t care and still get hurt from within never works. As, this means You are lying from yourself...

Hiding from your inner soul or lying from yourself means as if you’re continuously wearing masks and hiding your true self from everyone and being fake to yourself!

Ergo, getting judged on admiring yourself and named as Self obsessed will never bother you because you know its Self love and you even know that self love is so important as you can’t respect or love anyone till you don’t love yourself!

And, just join everything in your head and repeat with me:-

It won’t always be cruel to me;
It won’t always be the same exhausting,stagnant and sad

I will rise, climb mountains,paint the sky with brilliant colours;
Thus, am a vision,a miracle,A beautiful wonder!

I hope you all enjoyed my thoughts on self love; Would love to know your reviews in the comment section below…

Thank you so much for reading

Penned by- Kunakshi Kapoor

Inspirational and Healing Quotes

Hello lovely readers! Kunakshi here; The writer of the Penned Soul. Today am here to list few Inspirational and Healing Quotes.

These kinds of quotations are very powerful and deep meaning for the ones who are hurt from within and need a lot of motivation. So, these quotations are perfect for them.

Some of them are as follows:

1) Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.
This quotation means that The wounds or the injuries that we get are sometimes the most beautiful and best part as they always give us an impact and coming out of it transforms ourselves into a better attitude or a better person…

2) People will usually hurt you in attempt of healing themselves.
This quotation means that when someone is hurt himself by you our someone else and can’t come out of the impact. They usually start hurting other people to find a result to heal themselves which is not the correct way. So, coming out of the impact from the injuries you get is very important.

3)  The process of healing does not end when the wounds are no longer visible. – It ends when wounds no longer ache.
Well,This quotation has a deep meaning. It says that the a person can be broken from inside even though he or she is smiling or laughing. It doesn’t mean that a person is hurt only when he\she is crying or is upset.

4) Find your inner peace; And heal yourself.
This quotation says your aura or your soul always need inner peace or you may say Peace of Mind to heal themselves. And  without inner peace, life is just a shadow of its possibilities…

Thank you for reading… Would love to know your reviews in the comment section.

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Book Review: The witches

The witches is an amazing fictional book written by Roald Dahl and is illustrated by Quentin Blake.
This book is filled with humour. And its a lot of fun to read.

This book is about a boy, his grandmother and witches. Usually you’ve seen witches in movies or fairy tails wearing silly black hats and black cloaks. But, in this book witches look like ordinary ladies.[Still there is a secret] But, they are witches whose agenda is One child a week is fifty-two A year,Squish Them And squiggle them and make the Disappear
The boy and his grandma lives together in Norway where his grandmother tells scary incidents of children with witches.
However,The boy also had an episode with the witch that eventually came to a conclusion by turning the boy into a mouse.
After that,The boy and his grandmother goes to a spooky adventure.

Read this amazing book to know about it more…. This book takes you to an humorous, spooky and interesting adventure.

You can buy this novel in many ways…
Graphic novel
Dahl colour editions
The original illustrated [My personal favourite way].

So, at last for the conclusion I fully recommend you to read this fictional and amazing book. This novel will make you believe in witches.
And concluding this book review…
Let me tell you about Roald Dahl too.

Roald Dahl was a British novelist, short-story writer, poet, screenwriter, and wartime fighter pilot. His books have sold more than 250 million copies worldwide. Dahl was born in Wales to Norwegian immigrant parents. He served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War.

Roald Dahl was an awesome author. I personally love his books…
He is mainly famous for his books like
BFG,Matilda,Charlie and the Chocolate factory,The witches and The Twits.

The first book review of The Penned Soul written by Kunakshi Kapoor. Would love to know your reviews on this first attempt.

Thank you for reading

Also wishing you a very Happy Vijaydashmi. May Goddess Durga bless you and your family with all pleasures.

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