A Horse With a Horn

A Horse With A Horn

Once in everyone’s lifetime they have a sweet little love… For a horse with a horn!
A magical creature who visit  every night in the dreams! And make me have no fear from dark and nightmares. Well, these beautiful creatures in colours of white,blue,purple and many others light our eyes out…

This horse with a horn is a very beautiful creature… With wings,Spiral horn and cute eyes. According to legend this fabulous creature is a mythological animal resembling a horse with a single horn on its forehead. Also, it is said that in early times the blood of this creature can make dead come to life again but, temporarily… But just for living your life for 5 to 6 days one would be so cruel to kill such a beautiful creature.

I’m mesmerized by it’s beauty,
Though I imagine you;
But,as my true buddy…

I know you are the only one,
Who flies in the sky,
And draws the rainbow’s…
Through clouds with a dye.

This horse with a horn,
Is so, amazing and cool,
Even I imagine things like this,
But, I’m no fool.

Sugar is sweet,
Lemons are tart,
I love these creatures more…
Than any stuff so far!

Thus, These creatures are none other than Unicorns… As you might know from the beginning.
And the main role of this imaginary path was… Any thing is possible just Imagine and go in search for it, being imaginary is a boon and not a bane! Whether you make imaginary best friend or a pet, everything is amazing.

But what you need is just a little bit of magic

Would Love to know your imaginations and your reviews.

By- Kunakshi Kapoor

Search Of Happiness(Short Story)

When she look back, she saw only betrayals…And a miserable past!No shoulder to cry…And no hand to pamper!
Then the Atrocious thoughts begin to arise, She started thinking while walking on the path…
“What all things happened in her past?” And yelled “Ohh!” That moment of making her think of the past made her forget about the present where she was in the lap of nature. Then at very moment she decided to go in search of happiness that she DESERVE

So on the next day itself! She went out for happiness and found millions of people in search for it as well!!….
But they all were not the same

Some were searching for wealth, some for love, some were searching for friends and some for achieving their dreams…. These all were as equal to happiness according to them…

The Soul Stealers

But there were also few people wearing a black hat who were looking extremely cruel!!
They came out to be the Soul Stealers who are present in all over the world And they aren’t searching for Happiness despite they were searching for victims

And those Stealers come as Fake Friends,fake love*
These soul stealers are the only ones who make your past MISERABLE And according to the ratio there were only thousands of people who were the stealers of your Happiness and the people who become their victim are millions!!

Then the other thing she spotted was that many people have a bad past but many things are beautiful in it too! But those little moments spoils in as a whole!! The moments of happiness becomes HOAX in front of those scanty sorrowful moments that happened… But when you’ll go deep inside yourself you will find small stains in your past and rest whole Happiness. So, at that particular time she realized that the happiness she deserve is already with her. But it has just fade away!

Thus, there is only one cure to get your Happiness back that is,

And after finding your happy moments from past, living your present and don’t over thinking about future.
She understood that no one will need any shoulders to cry and no hands to pamper.

Hoping for you to enjoy a small imaginary illustration by me….Would love to know your reviews…

Kunakshi Kapoor

Célébrer la vie

Célébrer la vie basically means CELEBRATING LIFE. In this busy life we have totally overlooked on what is life? If you ask this question to GOOGLE it will give you a simple answer:-
The existence of a living is called LIFE
But, are we truly talking about one’s existence? No, but one’s inner life or you may say Inner Existence…

No matter how GOOD or BAD you think life is ; Wake up each day and be thank full for life! SOMEONE SOMEWHERE ELSE IS FIGHTING TO LIVE.

Thus, with the same thing in mind Add life to days instead of adding days to life…

So, also a small tip for life :-

Big opportunities in life have to be seized. We don’t do many things, but when we get the chance to do something ; RIGHT and BIG we’ve got to do it. And even to do it in a small scale is just as big as a mistake almost as not doing it at all! So think big and do it in a large scale!

Also this will help you live a peaceful life as thoughts become big when they become a DREAM. And converting your dreams into reality is actually CELEBRATING LIFE…

The Ideal Inspirational Blogger Award

Hey guys! Kunakshi here…

So I have been nominated for The Ideal Inspirational award by my blogger buddy Kripaa Luthra from Dream Diaries…Please have a look at her site too…https://kripaaluthra.wordpress.com/

And I sincerely thank her for this! So… Thank you very much Kripaa!She is an amazing poet and I truly love her work too!

And now, let’s answer her questions for me:-

1. What is your biggest fear?

Ans. My biggest fear is losing someone beloved.

2.How did you begin writing?What message do you want to convey through writing?

Ans. I began writing at the age of 9 or 10. I write to express my thoughts through pen to paper. Thus, I want to convey my feelings with others.

3.What do you care the most in your life?

Ans. This question gave me a great pause. But the answer to what I care the most is my OWN LIFE… Because it is the greatest blessing to be alive! Thus, we are healthy and fit to enjoy life to the fullest but someone in this world is fighting for it.

4. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Ans. When my teacher scolded my friend for the mistake I did and her looks embarrassed me badly!.

5. The worst day of your life.

Ans. The worst day of my life was when I got lost in the woods while camping and I was getting literally scared with those haunted sounds…

And also the rules of the award are as follows :

Thank the person who have nominated you and provide a link back to his/her blog.

• Answer their questions.

• Nominate up to 9 other bloggers and ask them 5 new questions.

• Notify the nominees through their blog by visiting and commenting on their blog.

• List the rules and display the “Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award” logo.

• Provide the link of the Award creator of ideal inspiration blogger award as Rising Star from https://idealinspiration.blog/.

• And finally , the people whom l nominate for this award …

1) Yiena


2) Hannah


4) Saania


5) Shruti


6) Kripaa


7) Shivangi


My Questions for you all are:

1) When were you most scared?

2) What does passion mean to you?

3) Define life in a sentence.

4) What was your most funniest moment?

5) What does writing mean to you?

All the best guys!!

-Kunakshi Kapoor


The Devil Of The Sea!

Many mysteries are present in this world and one of them is the DEVIL’S TRIANGLE mainly known as….


This hurricane alley is situated in the western coast of North Atlantic ocean….it is a  loosely defined region from where in every to everyday life many aircrafts and ships pass for trade.

It has been said that many aircrafts and ships disappeared from there due to mysterious events!
But as it is wisely said that-

“Attraction is only intense when a mystery is involved “

This area of Bermuda triangle is one of the HEAVILY SHIPPING LANES IN THE WORLD…
Mostly the ships travel through this triangle for trading ports in AMERICA , EUROPE and CARIBBEAN ISLANDS.
Many commercial and private planes and jets fly over it….

Many popular cultures has also ascribe many unusual disappearances in that coast! According to the evidence report significant reports are filed about the eminent percentage of various incidents!!

Many authors have embellished  about THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE
The earliest unusual disappearance of the Bermuda triangle occurred in September 17, 1950 and the first article about these event was published by the MIAMI HERD….

And soon after that the mysterious events start coming out!
The most famous and mysterious disappearances of this BERMUDA TRIANGLE are
Titanic ,Mary Celeste , Ellen Austin, USS Cyclops , Witchcraft, Carol Deering and Flight 19….. thus, many more

But ergo, many mysteries have been solved as well by scientists….
But many haven’t ….
Many people have also accepted the Bermuda triangle as a substantial occurrence offered by many explanatory approaches but, none is fully assured about the precise reason of this mystery….

But as it is said

“Mysteries abound where more we seek for answers”


J.K Rowling has became the first billionaire author by writing HARRY POTTER.

Many people doesn’t know the meaning of HARDCORE fan because they haven’t read or seen Harry Potter yet!

From the SORCERER STONE TO DEATHLY HALLOWS a POTTER HEAD can’t even forget a moment….

For a Potter Head
Harry,Hermonie and Ron becomes the favorite heroes.
Dumbledore , McGonagall and Snape becomes favourite teachers…
Qudittch becomes the favourite sport
Butterbeer becomes the favorite drink
Voldemort becomes the villain of lifetime
All these effects can’t be overcome easily!!

Ergo, Potter heads also have a scar…. In their heart…FOREVER

All the spells from Accio to Alohomora or from Avada Kedavra to Expecto Patronum all seems to become true….
The Deathly Hallows becomes the best symbol… And imaginary powers grow eventually!!

All the dialogues becomes A GREAT INSPIRATION….
From –

What is life without a little risk?
I solemnly swear I’m up to no good!!

This is absolutely true…
That ones who doesn’t like Harry Potter are DURSLEYS
Shh!! don’t worry the MUGGLES won’t understand….

But, at last all credit goes only to one person
J.K ROWLING so thank you for bringing this magic in our life and making us an POTTER HEAD.…..

A Potterhead’s World Lies In This Picture…

A Girl

Everyone is aware,

But no one cares,

Girl is still a Nightmare

Or a thing to stare.

She is still a toy for a boy to play;

That is all night and day…

Everyone knows, But no one shows;

She still cries, And is very shy

But, has that courage

To Slap a guy

World through different eyes

Some call this world beautiful and some call this world atrocious. Some call this world FULL OF RACISM and some call it FULL OF NEPOTISM.
Why?? Because it’s just a difference of eyes….

Thus, everyone in this world has different experiences… also everyone may see it in a positive or in a negative way.

A great woman once said that
” We don’t see things as they are ; We see them as we are “
Ergo,  People will see you as they feel you can be or maybe but yes; Everyone in this world is judgemental
Also some people will make you feel regardless which may take to a DEEP IMPACT

Thus, this world also has different faces for all over the people. All the people living in this world have different backgrounds as: people can be of different religion, cast, features and many more…
But obviously that doesn’t mean they can be extraneous to someone

Eyes refers to opinion here

Though we see a same world but, we see it through different eyes…..

A New Chapter

The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And Today is the first day of a Brand New Journey.

The Key to realize a dream is not to focus only on Success but Significance, and then even small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater Meaning.

Let’s start this journey together….

It’s on…Time to make the magic happen..

-Kunakshi Kapoor